Qualified Custody
Store your digital assets safely in segregated accounts.
Control access, setup granular roles, configure approval flows and require MFA to access your funds.
DASP License. We are registered as a Digital Asset Service Provider in France (PSAN).
Trusted by the fastest companies in Europe
Give your team the right access. Add new users to your accounts, and configure specific permission levels based on pre-defined roles.
Configure approval workflows.  
Increase transparency, oversight,
and control over your payments.
Protect your business from financial crime. Every incoming transaction is carefully analyzed by our monitoring engine to ensure you are compliant with AML/CFT standards.
Enhance security on all your accounts combining password access with
multi-factor authentification.
Team management
Save time and increase access control giving the right permissions to your team.
Enhanced payment control
Increase security, recognize errors and minimize inaccurate payments with multi-approval payment workflows.
Compliant by design
Feel confident working with a 2x European licensed actor with proven AML/CFT processes.
100% of client funds are segregated and protected.
Open a business account in 5 minutes.
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Pay from anywhere to anywhere
On & Off ramps in seconds. Pay contractors, employees and suppliers from any of your account using both crypto and fiat currencies.
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One business account, multiple currencies, across crypto and fiat.
Track all your payments in a single dashboard.  Centralize your operations and trigger payments across both rails.
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