Get paid instantly with payment links. You can receive your payments in both your digital wallet or in your vIBAN account in fiat — your choice.
Trusted by the fastest companies in Europe
Ask for payments in most digital assets. Denominate the value in USD, EUR or GBP. We compute the FX rate in real time and lock it, so you are never at risk. Receive crypto or fiat directly.
No more QR codes or wallet spelling mistakes. Share the payment link to your customer. Let him connect its wallet and trigger the transaction instantly.
Settlement is done directly in your wallet. We reconcile the transaction automatically using network data. We'll let you know when the payment is received.
Embed digital assets checkouts on your website, our API and webhooks let you generate payment frames and track statuses.
Invoice in fiat
Request payment in crypto and denominate the amount in Fiat. We compute rates in real time.
Secure payment links
Leverage our checkout link and let your user connect any wallet to pay.
Automatic fiat conversion
Get paid by digital assets and receive fiat directly to your bank instantly.
Customized checkout
Integrate our API to create a smooth crypto-checkout experience.
Open a business account in 5 minutes.
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One business account, multiple currencies, across 40+ countries.
Track all your payments in a single dashboard.  Centralize your operations and trigger payments across both rails.
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Pay from anywhere to anywhere
Use any of your accounts to pay contractors, employees and suppliers instantly anywhere in the world using local rails.
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Compliant and secure by design
Your account is a fortress. We've implemented complex algorithmic functions to keep you safe from theft and money laundering. Our AML processes are backed by the highest regulated entities in Europe (AMF & FCIS).
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Digital assets, made easy, for businesses
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